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Contact Lenses Assessment

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses we can carry out a full assessment to judge which lenses would best suit your eyes and lifestyle. You need to have had a recent eye examination (within 12 months) so we know your current spectacle prescription and ocular health.

Technology is always advancing and the contact lenses available today are more comfortable than ever. We can supply all major brands as well as those exclusively available from independent opticians.

During the assessment you will try out some lenses, becoming familiar with putting them in and out, while we ensure they fit your eyes correctly. Provided everything goes well you will be given a supply of trial lenses and we will arrange some follow-up appointments to watch your progress over the next few of weeks.

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When our optometrist is happy with the suitability of the contact lenses you will need to be seen for contact lens aftercare every six months. Coming back for these checks is very important as improper use of contact lenses can cause lasting damage to your eyes.

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