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Contact Lens Aftercare

Aftercare is important to check that everything is going well with your lenses and ensure your eyes remain healthy. If you are not currently wearing contact lenses we will need to see you for a contact lens assessment.

We will look for any signs of damage or infection in the eye. As you are placing something directly onto your eye there is a slight chance of infection. Damage may occur if your eye has been scratched or if you need a different fitting for your lenses.

Regular checks mean we can spot warning signs and take action if necessary. To supply your lenses we are required by law to carry out aftercare at regular intervals.

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Everything Covered

We run a standing order program which spreads the cost of contact lenses, cleaning solutions (if required) and all aftercare treatment into monthly instalments. On this program you can book an appointment anytime, to check your eyes or address any concerns, without additional charge.

Learn about looking after your contact lenses with a guide from CooperVision.

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