Coloured Overlay Assessment

Some people experience distortions of text such as blurring movement of letters, words doubling, shadowy lines, shapes or colours on the page, and flickering. Coloured overlays (sheets of coloured plastic that are placed over a page) can reduce these perceptual distortions and allow people to read text more fluently, with less discomfort and fewer headaches.

Most complaints of text distortions come from children though adults can also be affected. Sadly visual perceptual distortion is often not recognised in children and many sufferers enter adulthood without ever having been treated.

Warning Signs

If your child reports any movement of the letters or words, or glare from white paper, then coloured overlays should be considered. Some of the signs may be rubbing eyes, excessive blinking, poor concentration, inefficient reading and/or difficulty in keeping place.

Visual perceptual distortions can be caused by binocular vision problems so we would recommend having a full eye examination to rule this out before trying coloured overlays.

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