Colour Vision Assessment

Most people with faulty colour vision are not colour blind – they are simply less sensitive to particular colours, often green or red. They still see grass as green but would have difficulty distinguishing between different shades of red or green.

Faulty colour vision is usually an inherited condition that mostly affects males. Around 8% of males have some degree of faulty colour vision compared with only 0.5% of females.

If there are concerns we will carry out a quick colour vision check as part of your eye examination. Depending on the results we may recommend a full assessment to establish the extent of your faulty colour vision.

We offer the Farnsworth D15 Colour Vision Test (currently unavailable).


Most people with a small degree of faulty colour vision have no problems at all with life in general. Certain kinds of jobs need excellent colour vision for example colour printing, paint matching, train driving (because of the signals), some electrical work (because of coloured wiring), police work, the fire brigade, some jobs in the armed forces and commercial pilots.

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