Spectacle Repairs

If we supplied your glasses then we can carry out adjustments, refitting and repairs for you.

Minor Repairs

Your glasses get used a lot, putting them on and off, folding them up and the occasional bump or drop. Over time this means they may become loose or feel less comfortable.

You are welcome to come back to us and have your frame refitted. We will tighten things up, get them feeling right again and advise if it’s necessary to replace any screws or nose pads.

Standard Repairs

Most damage has the potential to be repaired (even if your frame is in pieces). Repairs such as replacement joints and solder repairs for non-titanium metal frames require sending away and will incur a cost.

Note: We may ask you to leave your frame with us for assessment to see if damage is repairable.

Scratched Lenses

Unfortunately it is not possible to repair a scratched lens, but they can be replaced.

Please contact us if you need a repair.